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Nice that you stepped up to the plate on a blog with a wide spectrum of challenging ideas that address the status quo. A large minority that agrees with you. A majority dont care, and a passionate 2% ,dont want your improvements to happen . I share your admiration for Caroline Fiennes. Your article "Airing Dirty Laundry" really speaks to a need for a new culture of a core missing Jewish community value re: honesty. If your numbers aren’t honest and published , everything downstream suffers a slow death. If Moneyball /Joshua Rabin seriously wants to be in the Big Leagues, you need to change how the data and Money is acquired and applied and you need to aggregate Management Brains and Balls to operate via creative new management structures . A blogger needs to build or join ,a concrete movement, to leave an honest Tikkun Olam legacy, otherwise it’s just another jew with an opinion.

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